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How to Block Numbers on ZTE Grand X Max

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If you are receiving any unwanted calls or spam messages to your ZTE Grand X Max phone, then you may want to block the numbers to get rid of them.

Lucky for you! There are several ways to block numbers to stop receiving calls and messages on your ZTE mobile (in settings, using a third-party app, or using USSD codes)

In this guide, I have included all the options that help you to block numbers on ZTE Grand X Max blocking the numbers you want. Keep scrolling…

How to block numbers on ZTE Grand X Max in Dialer Settings

This is the easiest way I found to block numbers in any smartphone, including ZTE Grand MAX. You don’t need any 3rd party app. The Android system itself provides an option to block any unwanted/spam calls and messages.

All you need to do is follow the steps below. And you will be able to get rid of any number you want.

  1. Open Call App (Dialer App) in your ZTE Grand X Max
Dialer in ZTE Grand X Max
  1. Tap the three dots on the top right corner (or the bottom right corner), and tap on Call Reject
  2. Now select Reject calls from, and then Private numbers
  3. Add the number/s you want and save
Add numbers to block

Note: In some Android versions, you will find Settings after you tap on the 3 dots. If this is what you got, then simply tap on settings and then Call blocking. After, you will be able to add numbers to the block.

Now you won’t receive calls or messages to your device.

If you didn’t find the options mentioned above in your ZTE Grand X Max device. Don’t worry. You can use the method below.

Block numbers on ZTE Grand X Max in Phone Settings

Note: This method is for people who cannot find the method above. If you did the method above but it is not working, then use the 3rd or the last method described below.

ZTE Grand Max’s Android system also has the option to block numbers in the device settings app. So here is how to enable it.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Call Settings
  3. In there, you will find the Call blocking feature. Tap on it
  4. Now you can add numbers to block and save
Add numbers to block

If this method does not work, then simply follow the below method, which works perfectly for any ZTE device.

Use a 3rd party app to block numbers on ZTE Grand X Max

If you don’t mind having an app to block numbers for you, then you can use this method. This works with almost any ZTE device (Even with any other brands). All you have to do this follow the steps given below.’

Note: Third-party apps take up an amount of space in your device’s storage. Make sure you have enough free space before installing these apps.

There are a few apps that we can recommend to Block unwanted numbers:

Go to the Play Store. Download an app from the above list and follow the instructions on the app to block calls.

Note: Call block apps need to run in the background in order to work properly. Therefore you have to whitelist the app from your device’s battery optimization settings. Click here to see how to do that as well.

How to block numbers using Call Blocker App

Call blocker Logo

Open Call Blocker App and do the steps below.

  1. Allow for permissions if asked
  2. Now tap on the Block list
Call blocker Black list
  1. Tap on ADD button
Call blocker Black list Add number
  1. Select which way you want to add numbers (From call log/Contacts or Input numbers manually)
Call blocker options to add numbers
  1. After adding numbers, you will see them in Black list

How to block numbers using Call Blocker – Blacklist App

Call-blocker-Blacklist App

Open Call Blocker – Blacklist app and follow the steps below.

  1. In the first initialization, you have to agree to their privacy policy
  2. Then the app will ask for permission to access call logs and calls in your ZTE device and allow them so the app can work.
  3. Tap on the black list
Call blocker -Blacklist
  1. Now tap the + button on the top right corner
Call blocker-Blacklist Add numbers
  1. Select which way you want to add numbers to black list
Call blocker- Blacklist options to add numbers-2
  1. Add numbers

How to whitelist call blocker apps from battery optimization

As said earlier, call blocker apps will work in background to block numbers from calls and messages. If your device has a battery optimization feature, it will automatically terminate the call blocker app after a while.

So if it happens, you will still get calls from those unwanted numbers. Especially after you restart the device. To prevent this, you have to whitelist the call blocker app you are using from the battery optimization settings. Here is how to do that:

  1. Go to settings, Device, and then Battery
  2. you will find something like Battery optimization or Sleeping apps; tap on it
  3. A list of apps will open, and you can whitelist the call blocker app you are using from the optimization

USSD codes to block numbers on ZTE Grand X Max

Alternatively, there are some USSD codes that you can use to block all incoming calls.

This feature is called Call Barring. It is important that these codes will not block specific numbers, instead, they will prevent all the calls that you receive (not messages). So this is only useful if you are working or gaming on your ZTE Grand Max device.

So here is how to enable Call baring:

  • *353*(Set a password)# (Keep the password in your mind. You will need it to cancel the Call, Barring)

Example: *353*993365# – The password is highlighted. You can set any password as you want.

Here is how to Disable Call barring:

  • #353*(enter password)#

Example: #353*993365#

You can also check whether you have enabled Call Baring:

  • *#353#

That is it. Hope you have successfully been able to block numbers in your ZTE Grand Max device.

If you have any questions regarding this article or need help, feel free to put a comment below.


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