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Samsung S22 USB Driver for Windows 8/10/11 – Download Here

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If you are looking for Samsung S22 USB Driver for your Windows PC (Whether it is Windows 8/10 or 11), then this guide has what you are looking for.

The files we are about to let you download are directly downloaded from Samsung’s official site. So you don’t need to be worried about the security of USB drivers. 

You will also find detailed instructions on how to install the drivers, uninstall them in a case, and fix issues you might encounter when installing the drivers.

Note: Instructions we have mentioned in this guide will also work on Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, S22 Fe, and S22 Ultra models.

Editor’s note: We created these instructions using a PC running Windows 10. Depending on your device’s software version, some steps and menu positions may look slightly different.

Why do you need the Samsung S22 USB driver?

Why you need samsung s22 usb drivers

USB drivers are mainly used to make your PC identify the device to control it easily without running into errors. You won’t need USB drivers most of the time if you just want to share files between your Samsung Galaxy S22 and your PC. Because the moment you plug in the smartphone, it is automatically recognized by the PC (if the operating system is up to date). 

However, if you want to connect your smartphone to a PC utility like Samsung PC Suite, Side Sync, PC Studio, and Kies, you will need a USB driver of your device to be installed on your PC.

Apart from that, you can install OTA updates (Over-the-air updates) and even the official stock ROMs using PC software like Odin by connecting your Samsung S22 to your PC. To do that, you also have to install the USB driver on your PC.

To summarize why you need the USB driver for your Samsung Galaxy s22, here is a quick list you might want to look at;

  • To successfully connect your Samsung Galaxy S22 to a PC 
  • To manage your media files from a PC
  • Connect your device to a PC software (Samsung PC Studio, Kies, Odin, etc.)
  • Share or stream your Galaxy S22’s screen
  • To use third-party applications like Droid Cam and share the camera with a PC
  • To install OTA updates and stock ROMs in case you are having a software issue with your smartphone
  • To use the USB Debugging feature

Download Samsung S22 USB drivers for Windows 8/10 & 11

Before you download, Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra has a separate USB driver for it, but the other models have a universal USB driver that will work fine with them. Both USB drivers are fully compatible with Windows 8, 10, and 11.

If you are a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra user, download the USB driver according to your model. If you are using one of the other models (Samsung Galaxy S22 base model, Plus model, and the Fe model), download the universal Samsung USB driver.

If the driver you download doesn’t work, or if you are having problems connecting your Galaxy S22 to the PC, you can always come back here and download the other USB driver and install it. Just make sure to uninstall the previous driver before installing the other one.

USB Driver for Samsung S22 (Base model, S22+, S22Fe)

Fully compatible with: Windows 8, 10, and Windows 11
Download Size: 35 MB

USB Driver for Samsung S22 Ultra

Fully compatible with: Windows 8, 10, and Windows 11
Download Size: 29 MB

How to install the Samsung S22 USB driver

Installing the driver is easier than you think. However, if you don’t know, or need instructions on how to install the driver, then follow the steps we have given below. 

Note: Make sure to remove any USB devices you have connected to your PC before begin installing the driver. Also, close any program like Samsung PC Studio, Odin, Side Sync, etc, to maximize the success of driver installation.

Step 01 – Get the driver

If you haven’t downloaded the USB driver setup, go above and download it according to your device model.

Step 02 – Open the setup file

Extract the zip file here

The file you downloaded should be a zip file. So first, you have to unzip it. Just right-click on the file and select extract here. Then Windows will automatically unzip the file for you. After, click on the setup file and allow UAC control (Click on the Yes button)

Step 03 – Continue with the setup

Samsung usb driver - select language region

Click on Next, then select the language and region according to where you live. If you are located in the United States, select the language as English (United States) and the region as the United States. Then, click on the Next button

Step 04 – Select the installation path

Installation location of the samsung usb driver

We recommend keeping it as default since changing the path might cause issues after you install the driver. If you really want to change the path, make sure to select a path inside the Windows installation drive.

Step 05 – Wait until the driver completes the install

Samsung usb driver is installing

Now you have to wait until the driver is installed. After it is completed, you should restart the PC before connecting your Samsung S22 to it.

How to Uninstall the Samsung S22 USB driver

If the installation process gets interrupted or you want to install the other USB driver, you have to uninstall the existing driver and re-install the other one.

To uninstall the previously installed driver, do this;

  1. Click on the Windows button > Settings (the setting wheel)
  2. Click on Apps
  3. On the search bar, type “Samsung,” and the USB driver should appear if it is installed on your PC
Apps on windows 10
  1. Click on it and click on “Uninstall,” and follow the instructions on the setup program to uninstall the USB driver successfully
  2. After it is uninstalled, restart your PC and begin installing the driver again


We have created a simple FAQ to answer the most popular questions on Samsung S22 USB drivers. If you have such a question, see if we have covered it here.

How do I enable USB transfer on Samsung S22?

Once you downloaded & installed the driver, plug your device into the PC, then turn on the screen on your Samsung S22 and swipe down the notification bar.

You will see there are USB options to select. Tap on it, and select USB file transfer

Why isn’t my PC recognizing my Samsung S22?

Maybe you have installed the wrong driver, or there is an issue with the USB cable you are using.

Please note that some USB cables aren’t meant for transferring data. You should have a USB data cable when connecting your Galaxy S22 to your PC.

Also, make sure you have followed our guide correctly. Because if you do any mistake when installing the driver like keeping your phone connected to the PC or keep opening Odin, Samsung PC suite software while installing the driver, it won’t successfully install.

How do I enable USB debugging on my Galaxy S22

To enable USB debugging, you have to turn on developer options first. If you haven’t enabled the feature, click here to learn how to do that.

Then, open the developer options on your Samsung S22, and scroll down until you find the USB debugging feature. Then, toggle on the button right next to it.

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