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How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Bluetooth Cutting Out

Are you experiencing Bluetooth cutting out on your Galaxy S22? Check this guide out!
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If you are having trouble listening to music or recording audio using Bluetooth on your Samsung Galaxy S22, then this guide is going to save your day!

I saw on both Samsung and Reddit communities that people are experiencing Bluetooth cutting out problems on their Galaxy S22 devices. Most of the people that were reporting this issue are S22 Ultra users. So which device you use, solutions in this guide can be applied to your device.

Note: Solutions in this guide will work on any Samsung Galaxy S22 model (S22, S22 Plus, S22 Fe, and S22 Ultra models.)

Editor’s note: We created these instructions using a Samsung Galaxy S22 running Android 12. Depending on your device’s software version, some steps and menu positions may look slightly different.

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Why Bluetooth Connection is Cutting Out on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra?

You may be wondering why your Galaxy S22 smartphone keeps disconnecting or cutting out while connected to a Bluetooth device. If you think it is happening because of a problem with your smartphone, it could be true but not most of the time.

Bluetooth connection problem occurs because of various reasons. Such as;

  • Incompatible devices
  • Problems with the other device (Could be earbuds, speakers, etc.)
  • The long distance between devices
  • Low battery level on both devices
  • Physical barriers (Such as walls, doors, etc.)
  • Other software or app problems
  • Hardware issues

While hardware problems and issues with the device that you are trying to connect are out of control. I will give solutions for the other problems. Let’s get started.

How you can fix the “Bluetooth cutting out” problem on Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

I will start with the easiest solutions you can do so it won’t take long to fix the problem. If you are reading this guide while Bluetooth is turned off, please turn off Bluetooth because it can affect the success rate of fixing the problem.

Let’s start by restarting both devices.

Fix 01: Restart both devices (Galaxy S22 and the other Bluetooth device)

We often use our smartphones without restarting them. When the device work continuously 24×7 every day, temporary errors can usually occur.

It happens because of the number of tasks we do by using our smartphones. Apps and the Android system generate a lot of processes that sometimes the smartphone could not handle really well.

However, all these temporary glitches can be fixed by giving your smartphone a fresh reboot:

  1. Press and hold the power button
  2. Tap on Restart twice to reboot the device

To verify that both devices working normally, you should also restart the device you are trying to connect with your Samsung Galaxy S22. This can increase the chance of fixing the problem.

After restarting, try to connect and see if the problem is fixed.

Fix 02: Clear Bluetooth service data

Like any other app, the Bluetooth service runs as a separate app on your smartphone. To work efficiently, it generates cache files. When it gets updated or altered, its data folder also gets modified.

Although this benefits you by increasing the latency and stability of Bluetooth connection, this can also create new problems, like the connection disconnecting problem you are facing now.

To fix this, all you have to do is clear the cache and the data of the Bluetooth app on your Galaxy S22, here is how to do that:

Note: Turn off Bluetooth before clearing its data.

  1. Open Settings
  2. Go to Apps
  3. Tap on the icon that is marked on the screenshot
Apps settings
  1. Tap “Show system apps”
Show system apps
  1. Find the Bluetooth app and tap on it
Bluetooth app
  1. Tap on Storage
Bluetooth app storage settings
  1. Tap on Clear Data
Clear bluetooth app data
  1. Turn on Bluetooth and connect the device

Fix 03: Update device software

Software updates are essential to keep up the overall performance of the device. Also, updating the Android software to the latest version helps to avoid bugs and glitches you may encounter while using your smartphone.

Tip: See our Samsung Galaxy S22 software update tracker

By updating the Android OS, if the update includes fixes for the Bluetooth cutting-out problem, you will be able to get rid of the issue permanently.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Software Update.
  1. Now tap on Download and install.
Download and install software update
  1. If an update is available, go ahead and install it.

The update process will usually take about 10 minutes max. After installing the update, you should clear the cache for better results. Follow the given instruction below to clear the cache of the device.

Fix 04: Turn off the “Absolute volume”

Absolute volume is a feature enabled by default on most Android smartphones that sync the device’s volume and the Bluetooth device’s volume automatically.

While the absolute volume can be helpful to lower the volume at Bluetooth connection, it sometimes causes Bluetooth to disconnect automatically which will keep happening.

To turn off Absolute volume, first, you should enable the Developer options on your Galaxy S22. Read our simple guide on how to enable developer mode on your smartphone.

Once you enable the developer options, follow the steps given below to turn off “Absolute volume” on your S22.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down and Tap on developer options
Galaxy s22 developer options
  1. Find the Absolute volume option under networking
  2. Turn the toggle off
Disable absolute volume

Now restart the Bluetooth feature and see if it works.

Fix 05: Change Bluetooth AVRCP version

The AVRCP is a Bluetooth profile that is used to communicate between two Bluetooth devices.

AVRCP has a few versions (currently 5) and the latest one has the most updated features. Although AVRCP is supported by a wide variety of Bluetooth devices, sometimes its version might not match the device that you get problems with while using.

Fortunately, your Galaxy S22 smartphone has the ability to change the ABRCP version to a compatible one that matches your Bluetooth device.

You need access to the developer options to change the AVRCP version, if you have not enabled the developer options in solution 04, please go to the link provided above to enable developer options.

Here is how to change the AVRCP version on your Samsung Galaxy S22.

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to Developer options.
  3. Scroll down and find the Bluetooth AVRCP version.
Bluetooth avrcp version
  1. The default version is usually 1.4. Change it to a newer version.
  2. Try connecting the Bluetooth device again.

Fix 06: Clear the Cache

Cache files are generated from apps and services of your smartphone. While these cache files help to increase the performance of your device, cached data often lead to glitches in apps and other system services.

It is a good practice to clear the cache after a Software update or once a month. By clearing the cache you are forcing the device to regenerate them. Which helps to fix various common problems on your smartphone.

Read: Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy Smartphones

Follow the given steps below to wipe out the cache from your Galaxy S22.

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Press and hold the power button + Volume up button until the system boot into recovery mode.
  3. Release the keys and use the volume buttons to navigate to the Wipe cache partition option
Wipe cache partition
  1. Press the power button and confirm the wipe cache partition.
Confirmation to wipe cache partition s22
  1. After the Wipe cache partition is complete, navigate to the Reboot and press the power button.
Wipe cache partition option in s22

Once your device restarted turn on Bluetooth and check if the problem is solved.

Fix 07: Keep the distance closer

Bluetooth and every other wireless connectivity technology work best when your phone and the device it is connected is in a specified range.

Samsung Galaxy S22 supports Bluetooth version 5.2 which supports up to 50M-250M range. Even though the range looks bigger, it gets smaller with the battery level and physical barriers.

If your smartphone is far away from the device you connect it to, and if there are also physical barriers between them, you will experience a loss of signals every time.

You can use the Bluetooth Signal Meter app to check the strength of your Bluetooth connection easily. If it shows the connection level is low, then you should keep the devices close to each other.

Fix 08: Use a third-party app to replace inbuilt Bluetooth functions

There are very few third-party apps to connect your desired Bluetooth device with your Galaxy S22 without the need for some built-in Bluetooth functions(such as the pairing function).

These widgets/apps are helps to keep up the connection between the Bluetooth device and your phone by running the Bluetooth function foreground.

  1. Download Bluetooth Pair from the Play Store.
  2. Open and use the app to connect the Bluetooth device you want.


Now your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Or whichever device you use) should connect to any Bluetooth device and work without cutting out and disconnecting problems.

If you still see the problem, then it might be a problem with the software or hardware of your smartphone. Go to the nearest Samsung repair center and let the experts check for problems and fix them for you.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions related to this guide so I can help you there.

Have a nice day!

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