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Camera is one of major component of a smartphones today. If it get doesn’t work, then it can be a big issue for the user, like you.

Recently, some users have complained in forums that they cannot take a photo or a selfie using their mobile phone’s camera. And there were LG G Flex mobile users as well.

So if you keep getting “cannot connect to camera” error when you open the camera app on your LG G Flex mobile phone, Then this guide will help you to fix it.

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Why my LG Flex Phone gives “Cannot connect to camera” Error?

cannot connect to camera error

There can be several reasons for why your LG G Flex mobile device failed to load the camera app properly. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  1. Your device doesn’t have enough power to use the camera:
    • Make sure you have more than 15% battery level remaining.
  2. Low Memory:
    • If your Device’s RAM (memory helps to store processing data) is not enough to open the camera app, it will give the error “Cannot connect to camera”.
  3. Other 3rd party Apps interfering the inbuild camera app:
    • If you have installed more than one camera app or if any other app use the camera app with or without your intention, the camera app won’t work.
  4. Hardware failure:
    • If the camera component has a hardware failure, then the camera app won’t be able to access the camera. So you will get “cannot connect to camera” error because of that.

Fix 01 – Reset Camera App

The first thing you can do is try resetting the camera app. The reason is there could be a problem with the camera app that causing the error you are getting. Such as configuration issue or cache issue.

It is easy to Reset the camera app, just follow the steps below! (You won’t loose any photo that have taken in your camera by doing this. So don’t worry)

  1. Open Settings in your LG G Flex device, Go to apps
  2. Scroll down to Camera app, and tap on it
  3. First you need to stop the camera app. Therefore, tap on force stop
force stop camera app
  1. Now, tap on Data and then tap on Clear data
clear camera app data
  1. Try open the camera app to check whether the problem is solved

Fix 02 – Restart your LG G Flex mobile

Sometimes, if you are using your device for a long time without giving it a fresh restart, because of the functions your device perform, errors like this could occur

So if the above fix did not work, you can restart your device. As you do usual:

  1. Hold the power button
  2. Tap on Restart from the window you get
restart phone

Fix 03 – Clear your LG G Flex phone’s cache

Android devices use a caching system to speed up the functions it perform. Clearing the cache will allow your mobile phone to work like a fresh device. This could fix the camera app.

Here is how to wipe your LG G Flex mobile’s cache partition;

  1. Turn off your device
  2. When the device is off, press and hold the Volume down button + Power button together respectively
boot into recovery mode
  1. Don’t release the button until your device boot into the Recovery mode
  2. After the boot up, you will see there an option called “Wipe cache partition“. Use the volume button and power button to clear your device’s cache.
wipe cache partition
  1. After that use the restart/shut down option to turn on your device again.

Once your mobile phone booted up, open the camera app.

Fix 04 – Boot into Safe mode to check & fix problems

Safe mode is a great way to check for problems in your LG G Flex mobile phone. In safe mode, only basic operations and very few third party app will work.

If there is any third party app that interfere and cause the “cannot connect to camera” error, then this is the way to identify them.

Let’s see how you can boot into safe mode. Follow the steps below

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. After turned off, press and hold the Volume down button + Power button
boot into safe mode
  1. Now your device will boot into safe mode.
  2. In safe mode, open your camera app

If your camera app works well in Safe mode, that means there is a third party app that causes the error or the default app is not working properly. Let’s see how to work on that.

  1. Restart the device to boot into normal mode.
  2. Once booted, go to Settings and then Apps.
  3. See if there is any other 3rd party camera app is installed. If it is, then uninstall it.
  4. Also, tap on the 3 dots that are on the top right corner, and select Reset app preferences.
Rest app preferences

Now you can open the camera app. The problem should be fixed.

Fix 05 – Use 3rd party Camera application to get rid of “cannot connect to camera”

As I said in the previous fix, the default camera app could have bugs and that is maybe why you keep getting the “cannot connect to camera” error.

So you can download and try a third party camera app to see if that helps. There are few camera apps that could recommend for you.

Fix 06 – Reset your device

If none of above methods works, the last option you left is reset your device.

Resetting a device is easy but when done all the data in your LG G Flex smartphone will be erased. So make sure to take a backup of all your data before proceeding.

Also, you will lost any unsaved passwords, account details in your phone, you can save these data in your google account and get them back once you reset your device.

To reset your mobile;

  1. Go to settings then backup and reset
  2. In there you can find the Reset option
factory data reset

After you reset your device, you will be able to use the camera as before.

Conclusion – Could be a hardware failure?

If you are still getting “cannot connect to camera” error. Then you should bring your mobile phone to a repair shop to check whether there is an issue with the camera sensor.

It could be possible that the camera component is damaged. If it is, you have to replace it with a new one.


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