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Media Volume is Too Low on Samsung Galaxy S21 – How to Fix It

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A lot of Samsung Galaxy S21 users keep complaining that the media volume is too low on their devices. 

Media volume on Android devices controls the volume when playing audio media and video (It could be a song, a video from Facebook/Youtube, etc.). 

If this media volume is abnormally low than other volumes, such as call ringtone volume, or alarm volume, it could be a sign that there is a misconfiguration or a defect on your Samsung Galaxy S21.

But don’t worry because, in this guide, we will discuss more on the possible causes of this issue, and more importantly, you will learn how to fix this issue on your Galaxy S21 easily.

So let’s get started!

Note: Solutions mentioned in this guide will also work on Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus, S21 Fe, and S21 Ultra models.

Editor’s note: We created these instructions using a Samsung Galaxy S21 running Android 12. Depending on your device’s software version, some steps and menu positions may look slightly different.

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Why Does the Media volume Too Low on Your Samsung Galaxy S21?

From software to hardware issues, there could be one or multiple reasons why only the media volume is too low on your Samsung S21.

But you don’t have to worry about these all, and the only reason we are putting these in this guide is just to enlighten you about what is going on with your Galaxy S21. Also, knowing the causes will be helpful for you to fix similar issues if they occur in the future.

That said, these are the most common reasons that lead to low media volume on your Samsung Galaxy S21:

  1. Temporary system glitch
  2. You were on a call while playing the media
  3. The “Media volume limit” feature is turned on
  4. There is a misconfiguration in the Settings
  5. A recent Software update has caused the issue
  6. If the media volume is low when you are on headphones or a Bluetooth speaker, it could be the headphone or the Bluetooth device that is defective
  7. Bugs within the Android system

Since there are a few possible causes of this issue (for your case, it could be just one cause of this list, so don’t worry too much!), we have also included solutions for each cause.

How to Fix Low Media Volume on Your Samsung Galaxy S21

There are 7 solutions we have given below. All you have to do is follow each solution and test the media volume before going to the next solution. This way, you can fix the low media volume on your Galaxy S21 easily.

Let’s start troubleshooting.

Fix 01: Check the volume level

Before going to real solutions, be sure to check the media volume level in case you have set it too low unintentionally.

We say this because, on online communities like Samsung community and Reddit, people have stated that they set the media volume to a low level in the first place and that there was no issue with their Galaxy S21.

  1. So press the volume up button and tap on the volume level icon to bring up the volume levels. From there, slide the media volume all the way to the max level and see if it works.

Fix 02: Restart the device to fix temporary glitches

Restart device

If you have been using your Galaxy S21 for a very long time (we are talking about more than a few days), this could lead to issues like this to occur.

It is because your device hasn’t rebooted, and all the services and apps are running continuously. Your device needs a refresh. 

To restart your device, you can use this easy method (or whichever method you like):

  1. Press and hold the power key + volume down key for a few seconds and release the keys when your Galaxy S21 starts to turn off.

Fix 03: Turn off “Media Volume Limit”

If you don’t know, the “Media volume limit” feature automatically reduces the media volume to protect your ears from extreme volumes. However, this feature won’t work correctly every time.

This feature is set to on by default. Therefore, you can turn this limit off and see if the low media volume gets fixed.

To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Sound and Vibrations
  3. Then, tap on Volume
  4. Tap on the three dots at the top right side
  5. Finally, tap on the media volume limit and turn it off
Turn off media volume limit

Fix 04: Check your headphones/earphones/Bluetooth speaker

If the media volume is low only when you are on headphones/earphones or when your device is connected to a Bluetooth/wired speaker, you may need to check the device with another smartphone or with another device like a Laptop or a Tablet device.

This is because sometimes it could be the media device that is connected to your Galaxy S21 causing the issue. Once you have ensured that there is nothing wrong with the device that you are using to play media from your Galaxy S21, you can then proceed to the next solution.

But if the media volume is low even when the headphone/earphone/speaker is connected to another device, you will have to fix that device first before moving to the next solution.

Fix 05: Reset all settings

As we have told you earlier, misconfigurations in settings are another cause of this issue. To fix this easily, you can reset the settings on your Galaxy S21.

To reset settings, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on General management
  3. Tap on Reset
  4. Tap on Reset all settings
Reset all settings
  1. Confirm the reset

Fix 06: Do a Software update

If you have updated the software of your Galaxy S21 and then the media volume level became too low, then the update has caused it.

You cannot revert an update. But you can check and do another update to see if the new update brings fixes for this issue. To do that, you have to check your Galaxy S21 for software updates:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Software update
  3. Tap on Download and install
Download and install
  1. Wait until the device search for a new update. Then go ahead and install it

Fix 07: Do a  Factory data reset

If none of the above methods works (which is pretty rare because there isn’t any other solution for this issue), you have left with the factory data reset option.

However, as you know, doing a factory data reset will remove everything you have stored on your Galaxy S21. 

So use our guide on how to back up and restore to take a backup of your Samsung Galaxy S21, and after doing the factory data reset and ensuring that the media volume is fixed, you can then restore your files.

To do the factory data reset, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and Tap on General management
  2. Tap on Reset
  3. Tap on Factory data reset
Factory data reset
  1. Enter the password or draw the pattern if you have set up a screen lock
  2. Confirm

Wrapping Up

the low media volume issue can be caused by multiple causes, from temporary glitches to hardware defects. However, we have provided you with the best solutions to help you resolve this issue on your Galaxy S21 easily.

We hope that these solutions have been helpful to you and that you can now enjoy your media on your Samsung Galaxy S21 device without any low-volume issues.

If you have any questions regarding this guide, feel free to leave a comment below so we can assist you there.

Have a nice day!

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