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Samsung Fast Charging Not Working After Update? Do This!

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Samsung has already released One UI 4.1.1 and One UI 5 updates to some of their smartphones. And for those who have not received the update, it happens maybe because Samsung hasn’t released the update to their region yet.

For users who have updated the software, there has been a problem since then. A lot of users have reported on the Samsung community forum they are experiencing Samsung fast charging not working after update. They have also claimed it worked before the update. So the problem should be with the update, isn’t it?

On Samsung devices, there are two types of fast charging modes available based on the charging speed. One is fast charging (also known as adaptive fast charging) which charges Samsung phones at 15W, and the other is super fast charging, which charges at 25W-65W power. In this guide, we are talking about these two charging modes.

So is your Samsung fast charging not working after update? Then keep reading to discover why this happens and how to solve it if your device belongs to any of the below models;

  • S22 and S21 series phones
  • Note20 series phones
  • S20 series phones
  • Note10 series phones
  • Z Fold 2 and Z Fold3
  • Galaxy A71 and A53
  • Z Fold and Z Flip series phones
  • S10 series phones
  • Note9 and Note8 series phones
  • S9 and S8 series phones
  • A70, A50, A51, A52 5G, A42 5G, A32 5G, A13, A12, and A02s

Why is Samsung fast charging not working after update?

Why Fast Charging Not Working/Showing After Update

If you do not know, in One UI 4 and 5 updates, Samsung has changed how the charging state/estimated time is displayed on their smartphones. So this is the most common issue why you are not seeing your device charging on fast charging/super fast charging modes, even though it is actually getting charged at the same speed as before.

Now you might think, “How can I make sure my smartphone is fast charging?” 

How is charging displayed on the new update

How charging modes are displayed on new android update

Samsung has already explained this to one of the questions a user has asked on the Samsung community. So here is how the charging states and estimation times are displayed after the update on your smartphone;

On home screen (in the notification panel)

  1. When you plug the charger in, the charging mode (fast charging/super fast charging) will be displayed for five (5) seconds. An example would be “super fast charging started”
  2. After that five seconds, your phone will only display “charging,” regardless of the charging mode. That means even if the device is charging at super-fast charging mode, you will only see “charging.”

On lock screen

  1. When you turn on the light by pressing the power button, it will show the charging icon and the amount of time it takes to charge the phone for only five (5) seconds.
  2. After that, you will see a charging icon only on the lock screen.

So this is how it works. If you were not aware of this information, then it means your phone should be getting charged properly. However, there are some things you can do in order to make sure there isn’t any issue preventing your phone from being fast charged. Let’s see what those are.

Clear the system cache

When a new software update is installed, it is mandatory to do a “wipe cache partition” on Samsung devices to clean the previous system cache generated by the previous Android system. 

When the new version is installed, the cache becomes outdated and can cause various issues. This can also be a reason why Samsung fast charging is not working after the update.

To clear the system cache, first, you have to boot your device into recovery mode. Let’s see how you can do that;

  1. Power off the device
  2. Plug the USB cable into your device and connect it to a power source (charging adapter/laptop/desktop, etc.) 
  3. Then, press and hold the power-up button for a few seconds until the recovery menu is loaded. Then release the key.

If the above method doesn’t work, use this method instead;

  1. Power off the device
  2. Press and hold the power + volume up buttons together until you see the recovery menu loaded up

Once the device is booted into the recovery mode/menu, follow the below steps to clear the cache;

  1. Use the volume down key and navigate (highlight) the “Wipe cache partition
wipe cache partition
  1. Press the power button
  2. You will see a confirmation window. Highlight the “Yes” option and press the power button again to clear the cache
confirm wipe cache
  1. Once the cache is cleared, you will see the recovery menu again. Navigate to “Reboot device now” and press the power button to restart the device.

Once the device is restarted, plug in the charger and see if the device now charges properly, and display the fast charging in the notification panel.

Check the settings

Sometimes, the fast charging/super fast charging modes will get turned off after installing an update. If you haven’t checked if these modes are still turned on, then it is time to do so. Here is how;

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on battery and device care
  3. Tap on battery
  4. Tap on More battery settings
  5. Scroll down and check if the fast charging and/or super fast charging are turned on.


Now you should be solved with the fast charging, not a woking issue on your Samsung smartphone. If the problem still persists, you should contact Samsung customer support so they can scan your device’s log files and determine what has caused the issue.

Also, you can check if the charger you are using is an authentic one. If you changed the charge after updating your smartphone, this could be the issue.

If you have any questions regarding this guide, leave a comment below. 

Have a nice day!

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