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Samsung Software Updates

Samsung Galaxy S20 Software Update Tracker 2023 (Cont. Updating)

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Samsung Galaxy S20 was released on 2020 Feb 11. Since then, the device has been receiving software updates for over two years now. Samsung Galaxy S20 came out with Android version 10, and this November, Samsung released One UI 5, powered by the Android 13 operating system.

According to our research about the software updates on Samsung S20, there are over 25 updates it has received in 2022 so far.

This update tracker includes all the updates this device has received in 2022. By referring to the tracker, you can get an idea about what includes in the software update, and if your S20 hasn’t received an update mentioned on the tracker, you can contact Samsung customer support to know what caused the update to not arrive.

We will continue to update this software update tracker, so bookmark this page if you want to look later in the future.

Samsung Galaxy S20 software update tracker

We have sorted out the updates based on the release date. The update tracker includes;

  • Version number
  • Released country or the region
  • What is included in the update
  • The size of the software update (we are currently having trouble with finding the sizes of the updates. We will soon update this tracker once we get the information)
  • Links to read more about the update

January Updates

Version – G98xU1UES2DUL2

Version – G98xBXXUDEVA9

February Updates

Version – G98xUSQS2EVB3

  • Released to: USA (Sprint & T-Mobile)
  • Includes: Security patch
  • Size: N/A

March Updates

Version – G98xU1UES2EVB3

  • Released to: USA (Carrier unlocked)
  • Includes: Security patch with over 60 bugs fixes
  • Size: N/A
  • Click here for more info

Version – G98xUSQU2FVC5

April Updates

Version – G98xFXXSDFVC9 (4G models), G98xBXXSDFVC9 (5G models)

Version – G98xUSQS2FVD1

May Updates

Version – G98xU1UES2EVD3

Version – G98xBXXUEFVDB

Version – G98xFXXUEFVDB

  • Released to: N/A
  • Includes: Security patch, and bug fixes for the weather apps, Galaxy themes, and more.
  • Size: N/A
  • Click here for more info

Version – G98xU1UES2EVE1

June Updates

Version – G98xxXXSEFVE6

Versions – G981USQU2FVF1 (S20), G986USQU2FVF1 (S20+), G988USQU2FVF1 (S20 Ultra)

  • Released to: USA
  • Includes: One UI 4.1 Upgrade
  • Size: N/A

July Updates

Version – G98xxU1UES2FVE5

Version – G98xxXXSEFVF4

Versions – G980FXXSEFVG1 (S20), G985FXXSEFVG1 (S20+), G986BXXSEFVG1 (S20 Ultra)

  • Released to: Brazil
  • Includes: N/A
  • Size: N/A

Versions – G980FXXUEFVG5 (4G models), G98xBXXUEFVG5 (5G models)

August Updates

Versions – G988USQU3FVH1 (S20, S20+), G986USQU3FVH1 (S20 Ultra)

  • Released to: USA
  • Includes: N/A
  • Size: N/A

September Updates

Version – G98xUSQU3FVH1

  • Released to: USA (Carrier unlocked)
  • Includes: security patch, stability improvements
  • Size: N/A
  • Click here for more info

Versions – G985FXXSFFVHA (4G models), G986BXXSFFVHA (5G models)

  • Released to: Switzerland
  • Includes: Security patch
  • Size: N/A

October Updates

Version – G98xFXXSFFVIB (4G models), G98xBXXSFFVIB (5G models)

Versions – SP1A.210812.016.G981VSQS3FVI7 (S20), SP1A.210812.016.G986USQS3FVI7 (S20+), SP1A.210812.016.G988USQS3FVI7 (S20 Ultra)

  • Released to: USA (Verizon)
  • Includes: Security patch
  • Size: N/A

November Updates

Version – G98xU1UES3FVI6

Versions – G98xFXXUFGVJE (S20, S20+), G988BXXUFGVJE (S20 Ultra)


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