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Samsung Galaxy S22 Cannot Make Calls (How to Fix)

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There has been a strange issue going on with Samsung Galaxy S22. Users say they only cannot make any voice call using their phones, but the incoming calls are getting without any issues.

If you are experiencing the same issue on your Galaxy S22, we know how bad the situation is. But we have the fixes that can actually solve the issue, once and for all.

So in this guide, we will walk you through each and every solution you can take to make calls on your Galaxy S22 again. Keep reading!

Note: Solutions in this guide will work on any Samsung Galaxy S22 model (S22, S22 Plus, S22 Fe, and S22 Ultra models.)

Editor’s note: We created these instructions using a Samsung Galaxy S22 running Android 13. Depending on your device’s software version, some steps and menu positions may look slightly different.

Fix 01: Restart your device

Restart device

The first thing you should do is restart your device. This will help fix any software glitches that might block you from making a call. 

You can restart your device as you usually would. However, if you want to do it fast, then follow the step below:

  1. Press and hold the power button + volume down button for a few seconds, and once you see the screen turned off, release the keys.

Once the device is restarted, try to make a call and see if the problem is fixed.

Fix 02: Contact your network provider

If restarting your device didn’t work to fix the issue, then it’s time to contact your network provider before going for further solutions. 

Talk to your network provider’s customer care agent. And explain to the agent the issue you are having in detail. Don’t miss anything, as it could make it the agent hard to give you a solution.

Also, tell the agent to check if everything is okay on their end. This way, you can safely move to the next solution without wasting your time.

Fix 03: Disable Do Not Disturb (DND) / Airplane Mode

S20 airplane mode light blue color

Both the Do Not Disturn and Airplane modes will not let you make calls. Therefore, if you have enabled these features, you should turn them off before making calls from your Galaxy S22.

Just swipe down the notification bar, and see if any of these features are turned on. If so, tap on the respective icon to turn it off.

Fix 04: Turn off Smart call, VoLTE calls, and WiFi calls

These two features are meant to enhance the call experience on your Samsung S22. However, If these are turned on, and they are not supported by your service provider or your SIM card, you have to turn them off.

Therefore, turn off Smart Call, VoLTE calls, and WiFi calls on your Galaxy S22 to see if the problem gets solved.

Fix 05: Reset network settings

If there is any misconfiguration you have made to your device’s network settings, this is probably why you cannot make calls on your Galaxy S22.

But investigating which option has gone wrong can take a long time and will not be so easy as there are many options in the network settings. So the best choice would be resetting only the network settings so it will set the options back to default values.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Go to General management.
  3. Then, tap on Reset.
  4. Tap on Reset network settings.
Reset network settings
  1. Confirm.

Once the reset is done, restart your device to apply new changes.

Fix 06: Change the SIM card

Did you try to change the SIM card of your device and make calls? If not, then this is the time to do so.

If the SIM card on your phone is not working correctly to make calls, none of these solutions will work. So turn off the device, take the SIM card out, and insert a new one. Then power on the device and see if you can make calls now.

If you are able to make calls, then it is your SIM card that has been the issue. You will probably have to get a new SIM card from your network provider.

Fix 07: Wipe cache partition

Cleaning the device’s cache is always considered a best practice to keep your device’s performance at an optimal level and have zero issues.

Also, removing old cache files will help to fix the call issue on your Galaxy S22. Therefore try clearing the system cache of your device.

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Plug a USB cable into the device.
  3. Press and hold the Power key + Volume up keys for a few seconds. When the recovery menu appears, release the keys.
  4. Use the volume keys, highlight the Wipe cache partition, and press the power key.
Wipe cache partition
  1. On the confirmation prompt, select Yes and press the power key again.
Confirm wipe cache

Once the cache is cleared, you will see the recovery menu again. Use the volume keys, highlight the Reboot device now, and press the power key again.

Fix 08: Do a software update

If there is a software-related bug preventing your device from making calls. It should be fixed by updating the device’s software.

This is because a new software update usually comes with various bug fixes. Therefore, check and install a new software update to see if the problem is fixed.

To check and install a new update, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Tap on Software update.
  3. Then, tap on Download and install.
Download and install

Fix 09: Do a factory data reset

If none of these solutions worked to fix the call-making issue on your Galaxy S22, then you are left with one last solution, factory data reset.

This will remove every personal file from your Galaxy S22. Therefore, take a full backup first before going to reset your device entirely.

Once you are ready to do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Settings > General management.
  2. Tap on Reset.
  3. Under the reset menu, tap on Factory data reset.
Factory data reset
  1. Enter the lock screen password, and then confirm.

Samsung S22 cannot make calls – Wrapping Up

We know how frustrating it can be to have a top-notch smartphone but cannot make any calls from it. And that is why we have devoted ourselves to writing this complete guide on how to solve this problem.

We hope this guide helped you to fix the call-making issue on your Galaxy S22. And now you have able to make calls to your loved ones without having any issues.

If you have any questions regarding this guide, leave a comment below. We will be there to assist you.

Have a nice day!

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