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How to Fix Samsung S20 Keeps Updating

Is your Galaxy S20 keeps on updating? Try these fixes
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Last updated: 2023/07/26

There is no doubt that software updates are very important for smartphones to increase and maintain stability, speed, and most importantly, security.

With that said, sometimes software updates can cause various issues as well, what makes it even worse that when a software update keeps repeating and creates a loop, making the device unusable and leaving the user frustrated.

So, does your Samsung Galaxy S20 keep updating itself? Or keep prompting for system updates? Don’t worry Because this guide is going to help you fix that update loop in your Galaxy S20.

Note: Solutions in this guide can also apply to Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, S20 Fe, and S20 Ultra.

Editor’s note: We created these instructions using a Samsung Galaxy S20 running Android 12. Depending on your device’s software version, some steps and menu positions may look slightly different.

Watch the tutorial dedicated for this guide.

Why does my Samsung S20 keep updating?

Samsung galaxy s20 hands on

If you are wondering why your Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone is stuck on the software update, well there can be one or sever reasons for that.

Whenever a software update is triggered by you or automatically, your S20 device will establish a connection with a Samsung server, where software files are located. Then your device will download the update package through your internet connection and install itself.

So whenever your S20 software update keeps repeating, that could mean;

  1. Internet connection issue.
  2. Server problem.
  3. The software update process glitched or stopped working.
  4. Corrupted caching system

How to stop the Samsung Galaxy S20 update loop

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Now you know why your Galaxy S20 keeps updating. What you want to know now is how to stop the update loop.

Here are the fixes that we recommend you to apply. Keep in mind that all of those solutions here are tested using our Galaxy device and based on feedback from users who use Samsung Galaxy S20, like you.

Fix 01 – Give it some time to complete updates

Give your device some time to complete the update. If you ask why, if you haven’t updated your device for a long time, or the update hasn’t been completed yet, your device will restart a few times and also download a few updates as well.

So the best thing to do is to wait for some time and let it finish, if it didn’t, then you can try the fixes below.

Fix 02 – Restart your Galaxy S20

Restarting your Galaxy S20 will give your phone a fresh boot, in this way all the processes that have run will get terminated and restarted back.

Because of that, the process caused the software update loop in your Galaxy S22 will also get terminated and thus will fix the update loop.

To restart your Galaxy S20;

  1. Press & hold the Power button.
  2. From the Power options tap on Restart.
Restart galaxy s22
Samsung galaxy s20 power menu

Fix 03 – Disable “Auto-update system

In your Galaxy S20, there is a hidden feature called the auto-update system which installs the update whenever you restart your mobile.

If you have enabled the auto-update system in your Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone (or it is turned on by default). When an update got stuck or stopped working, it will keep trying to restart the installation even after you restart your device.

To fix this, first, you have to disable the auto-update system feature and then restart your Galaxy S20.

  1. Go to Settings then Developer options (If you don’t see this option click here to know how to enable developer options in your Galaxy S20)
Developer options in samsung galaxy s20
  1. Scroll down till you find the auto-update system, then disable it using the toggle icon.
Disable auto update system in galaxy s20

Fix 04 – Turn off software auto-update

When software auto-update is enabled, your device will try to connect with the update server and download the update whenever you are connected to the internet. If there is a connection issue or temporary server problem, the update process will keep repeating.

To stop this, you have to turn off this option in your Galaxy S20 settings. Here is how to do that.

  1. Go to Settings then Software update.
  2. Turn off Auto download over Wi-Fi.
Turning off auto download software update in samsung s20
  1. Now go back to the Settings page and then go to Biometrics & security.
  2. Tap on Other security settings.
Other security settings
  1. Turn off Security policy updates.
Turning off security policy update

Fix 05 – Wipe Cache Partition

Android’s caching system helps to speed up processing time using cached data, while this data can be extremely helpful for your device’s speed, it can sometimes cause errors. An update loop is one of them.

In order to fix this, you need to boot your Galaxy S20 into recovery mode, and then wipe out the cache. Let’s see how you can do that.

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Press and hold the Volume up (+) + Power button until your S20 device boot into recovery mode.
  3. Use the volume buttons to navigate through the menu, and select Wipe cache partition.
Wipe cache partition option in s22
  1. Now press the power button to proceed, you will be asked for confirmation as well.
  2. Confirm the operation using the volume buttons and the power button, then in a few seconds, wipe cache partition will be done.
Confirmation to wipe cache partition s22
  1. Now you will be back to the recovery menu again and then navigate to Reboot device and press the power button.

If you find it a little difficult to do this, watch and follow this quick video.

Fix 06 – Factory data reset

The last thing to do when nothing worked above is to perform a factory data reset. This will erase all the configurations, personal data, apps, and cached data. Therefore it is extremely important to back up your files to a safe place.

Here is how to factory data reset your Galaxy S20;

  1. Head over to Settings, then General management.
  2. Tap on Reset.
  3. Tap on Factory data reset.
Factory data reset - galaxy s20


It took me a lot of hours to put all these fixes into a guide. We hope you have solved your Galaxy S20 keep updating issue. If so, leave a comment below with which method worked for you.

Also, if you have any questions regarding this guide, feel free to leave a comment below.

Have a nice day!


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  1. Avatar

    Thank you…but wipe cache partition is not a selectable item. It cannot be selected.

    • Danu
      Danu Reply

      Hi Karin, it should be selectable. Use the volume keys to navigate. Then press the power button.

      Thank you.

  2. Avatar

    I am trying to help a friend fix his phone. I didn’t use your guide yet, however, I want to thank you for the effort you put into this and for sharing it with us.

  3. Avatar

    Tried every step until 5… after the ‘wiping’ step, I still got a “update your system” tick on the top of the Samsung Galaxy S20+. I did NOT want to do a factory reset because it sounds too complicated….

    • Danu

      Sad to hear! First, try to tap on the notification and see if it really updates the system. If it does not, a factory data reset should fix the issue but yes, it is a little complicated.

  4. Avatar

    Thank you my friend! I was setting up my new S20 and ran into this issue. I was ready to return this phone, until I found your instructions. I had to make my way all the way through Fix 4, before it stopped the update loop. Your effort, saved me a lot of hassle AND headaches. Thank you again.

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