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Samsung S20 Makes Random Notification Sound? Fix It Now!

Is your Samsung Galaxy S20 making random notification sounds? Here is the fix!
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Notifications and push notifications in a smartphone are great for keeping up with a conversation or getting an update on services and apps. However, unwanted notifications can also be annoying and distracting for someone.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone users have reported that they are in the same situation. The complaint was that their Samsung S20 makes random notification sounds. 

One user has reported that he gets continuous beeps randomly, and another has complained that he gets the default notification sound randomly. The strange thing was there wasn’t any notification when they checked their smartphones.

I am sure you are here for the same reason. You might be getting a different notification sound, but this is all the same scenario. So let’s find out what are the causes and possible solutions you can try to fix the random notifications sound on your Samsung Galaxy S20. Keep reading…

Note: Solutions in this guide will work on any Samsung Galaxy S20 model (S20, S20 Plus, S20 Fe, and S20 Ultra models.)

Editor’s note: We created these instructions using a Samsung Galaxy S20 running Android 12. Depending on your device’s software version, some steps and menu positions may look slightly different.

Why does my Samsung S20 keep making notification sounds (Randomly)?

Why my samsung s20 makes random notification sounds

When you get a Notification or push notification (including sounds), it is either coming from an app or an Android system service.

Therefore, the random notification you keep getting from your Galaxy S20 should come from a faulty third-party app or a glitched Android system service.

According to some users, these are the apps/services that were causing the random notification sounds on their smartphones.

  • The Android system
  • Bixby Assistant
  • Emergency alerts
  • Alert reminders created by third-party apps
  • Other faulty third-party apps

It is obvious that one of the above lists is causing the notification sounds on your smartphone too. If you may ask, “How can I identify which app or service is causing the problem?” then there is a way we have mentioned under solutions. Keep scrolling!

First, we will tell you how to fix the random notifications that come from the Android system. Then, you can check if the notification sound has stopped. If not, you can continue troubleshooting to identify faulty apps and remove them.

Let’s get started.

Fix 01: Restart Your Device

The easiest way to fix system glitches that cause the random notification sound is to soft reset (restart) your Galaxy S20.

Once you do this, the Android system will reboot while clearing the RAM, which will remove unwanted services and give a fresh start for system services.

  1. Press and hold the volume down + the power button.
Restart galaxy s20
  1. Wait for the device to restart.

Fix 02: Turn Off or Configure Notification Reminder

If you don’t know, the Notification reminder is a feature in your Samsung S20 to keep you notified of messages and other notifications. When it is enabled, you will keep getting the same notification until you open it.

This feature can be beneficial for some people, and they can configure the feature to reduce the notification reminder frequency. However, if this is the reason why you keep getting notification sounds, it would be better for you to turn it off completely.

If you want to configure the notification reminder, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to Settings > Notifications.
  2. Tap on “Advanced settings”.
  3. Then, tap on “Notification reminder”.
Configure notification reminders
  1. On the window, tap on “Remind every”.
Notifications reminders - increasing the remind every settings
  1. Increase the time as you desire

If you want to turn off the notification reminder, then follow these steps.

  1. Open Settings > Notifications.
  2. Tap on “Advance settings”.
  3. Toggle off the button next to “Notification reminder”.
Turn off notification reminders

Fix 03: Reset All Settings

Another solution to fix the system glitches is resetting all the settings on your Galaxy S20. But keep in mind that doing this will reset every change you have made under the settings.

  1. Go to Settings > General management.
  2. Tap on Reset.
Reset option samsung
  1. Then, tap on Reset all settings.
Reset all settings
  1. Confirm.
  2. Restart your device once it is completed.

Fix 03: Boot the Device Into Safe Mode

Until now, we have been fixing the system glitches that could cause the notification sound issue. Now let’s see how you can find and remove apps that could cause the random notification sound.

When you boot your device into Safe mode, third-party apps will stop running. Then if you didn’t get any random notification sound, that means a third-party app is causing the issue.

Then you can boot your device into standard mode and uninstall third-party apps that you install prior to the notification sound issue.

Since you have to wait a while to make sure, do this when you don’t use your Galaxy S20.

  1. Press and hold the power button to get the power options.
  2. Tap and hold the Power off button, then confirm to boot into safe mode.
Safe mode confirmation
  1. Wait a while and make sure you don’t get any random notification sounds.

Once you make sure you don’t get any notification on safe mode, restart the device and proceed to identify which apps are causing the issue.

Nice catch app from galaxy store
  1. Install the Nice Catch app from the Galaxy Store.
  2. Open the Nice Catch app and keep it running in the background. Then turn the screen off.
  3. Wait until you get the random notification sound.
  4. Once you get the sound, open the Nice Catch app and see which app is causing the notification.
  5. Uninstall that app from your Galaxy S20

Wrapping Up

If you are still getting annoying notification sounds, you can do a factory data reset. However, we cannot recommend it because doing so will wipe out all your data. If you want to do it, then take a backup first

If you have any questions or need help regarding this guide, leave a comment below. We will be there to help.

Have a nice day!

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