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Samsung S21 Voice-to-Text Not Working: Here’s What to Do

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Android voice-to-text or speech-to-text has been quite popular nowadays. People prefer to dictate what they want rather than typing it by hand on their smartphones. This feature can be very helpful for people who are really busy and businesses that handle and talk to their customers through mobile devices.

When it comes to Samsung Galaxy S21, it has its own Samsung voice input service in addition to the Google voice input. These two features have their own qualities that benefit Galaxy S21 users.

However, some users have reported that Samsung S21 voice-to-text is not working correctly. Some said that whenever they speak no words appear on the phone while others complain that sometimes it keeps repeating what they say.

That is why we decided to take this problem into account and write this guide, so is your Samsung S21 voice-to-text not working? Then, this guide is for you!

Note: Solutions in this guide are also applicable for Samsung Galaxy S21+, S21Fe, and S21 Ultra.

Why does voice-to-text not work on my Samsung S21?

As you know, there are two voice input engines on your Samsung S21: Google voice input and Samsung voice input. According to users, it is the Samsung voice input that shows most of the issues and doesn’t work properly.

Most of the time, the voice-to-text engine (voice input) doesn’t work correctly because of its configuration issues. When we say configurations, it means either you have misconfigured it by accident or a bug/glitch in the Android system caused the voice input service to malfunction.

This may be the case for you also; however, it doesn’t mean the Google voice input has no issues and it works perfectly. But for most cases, Samsung voice input is what doesn’t work properly.

Another thing to remember is that the Samsung voice input only works when you are using the Samsung keyboard, and the Google voice input works only when you are using their Gboard app. Do not get confused between the two services whenever you use them.

How to fix Samsung S21 Voice-to-Text not working issue

It does not matter which voice input service doesn’t work and there is no need to find what reasons are causing the issue. All you have to do is follow the solutions we have given below to make your Galaxy S21 get what you dictate without any issues.

Let’s get started.

Fix 01: Clear App data

As we mentioned earlier, one common reason that causes the talk-to-text feature to malfunction is the misconfiguration of the service. Since it is a bit tedious to find out which setting has gone wrong, it will be easier to clear the app data of both Samsung and Google voice typing services.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap on Apps
  3. Scroll down and find the Speech services by Google and tap on it
  4. Go to Manage storage
  5. Tap on Clear app data
  6. Do the same for Samsung voice input
  7. Restart your device

Fix 02: Reset All Settings

If clearing the app data did not work, you can try resetting all settings to fix misconfigurations on the voice input settings.

  1. Go to Settings > General management
  2. Tap on Reset
  1. From the reset options, tap on “Reset all settings
Reset all settings
  1. Confirm the reset

Fix 03 – Turn off Samsung voice input service

If you still face issues with voice typing, then Samsung voice typing service itself is the issue. You can turn off the service until it is fixed by a software update.

Until then, you can use the Google voice input service. Here is how you can do that:

  1. Go to Settings > General management
  2. Tap on “Keyboard list and defaults
  3. Toggle off the Samsung voice input
Turn off Samsung voice input
  1. Restart the device

Fix 04: Software update

Installing system updates can fix the system glitches or bugs that cause the voice-to-text feature not working. If you don’t know, you can check for any updates available on your Samsung S21 by following these steps:

Tip: See our Samsung Galaxy software update tracker

  1. Open Settings
  2. Tap on Software update
  3. Tap on three dots at the top right corner, then select “Download and install
Download and install software update

Now, your device will start checking updates and you will be notified if it is available. After that, you go ahead and install the update.

Fix 05: Clear cache

Outdated or corrupted cache files are another reason that causes system glitches. You can fix them by clearing the cache partition, where the cache files are stored on your device.

To clear the cache, first, you have to boot your device into recovery mode, then you can wipe out the cache.

  1. Turn off your device
  2. Press and hold the power button + Volume up button until you see your device boot into the recovery menu. Then release the keys
  3. Press the volume down button until it highlights the “Wipe cache partition
wipe cache partition
  1. Then, press the power button
  2. Confirm to wipe the cache partition (use volume keys and the power button)
confirm wipe cache

Once it is done, you will see the recovery menu again. Navigate to “Reboot device now” and press the power button to restart the device, then check if the problem is solved.


That is all for the voice-to-text not working issue on your Samsung Galaxy S21. If you still face issues with voice typing, leave a comment below. We will be there to help you.

Also, if you have any questions regarding this guide, you can use the comment section to let us know about your concerns. 

We hope this guide helped you fix the problem. 

Have a nice day! 


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