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Upcoming iOS updates in 2023: All you need to know about new exciting features of upcoming iOS updates

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If you are an iOS user, you know how excited Apple iOS users were with the new iOS 16 update last year. There were new features for the lock screen, Photos App, and iMessage. But wait! That’s only some of what they wanna give you. Apple is getting ready to release other exciting features with their latest iOS update in 2023 while planning to roll out iOS 16.3 and 16.4. 

According to MacRumors, Apple will release another few exciting features for Apple Pay Later, Apple Card Saving Account, including Next Generation Car-Play. And here, we listed every part you will have with the new iOS16 update, such as security, finance, and others, with the latest iOS update. So let’s dig in! 

Security Updates for iOS in 2023

Apple recently expanded its security and data protection updates and rolled out new features with its major updates. This year, they have improved their security on Apple ID and a few other applications. 

Apple ID

Apple ID

If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 16.3, some of you have already gotten this new update. But now, no matter where you live, you with this latest security update facility in 2023. This feature will allow you to use a hardware security key to ensure you are secured. You don’t need to ask for a verification code from another Apple device as you did before. Instead of the old method, Now you can use your hardware security key as two-factor authentication. 

Advanced data protection

Advanced data protection

This year Apple has decided to make advanced its user’s data protection. According to MacRumors, they planned to expand their additional data protection update to more iPhone users worldwide with iOS 16.3 and iOS 16.4 and also for macOS 13.1. From this feature, you can have end-to-end encryption to Photos, Voice, Memos, Notes, iCloud Backups, and Reminders when your iCloud is enabled. 

Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS

The life-saving saving emergency feature allows you to send an emerge y emergency services around you when you are outside the local network area and can not access WiFi. This service is free for two years. 

This feature was first launched last November for iPhone 14, 14 Plus,14 Pro and 14 Pro max users in USA and Canada. If you have upgraded your device to iOS 16.3 or iOS 16.4, you might already have this feature on your phone. Then they enabled the service also for UK, France, Germany, and Ireland users.  

However, In his year, Apple announced that they expect to expand this feature to more counties, but they have yet to mention the countries.  

Apple Finance features Updates for iOS in 2023

Last year they announced some amazing finance features to iPhone users, like Apple Pay Later and Apple Card Saving Account. 

Apple Pay Later

Apple Pay Later

Apple Pay Later lets their qualified users in the USA split their payments into four equal payments for six weeks when purchasing online. The most exciting part of this facility is you can have this financial facility without paying any interest fee. 

You can see this feature with iOS 16.4 in your wallet app soon this year. 

Apple card Saving Account

Apple card saving account

Apple announced this feature the last October but has yet to launch it. According to Apple, Apple Card users will have the facility to open a new high-yield saving account from Goldman Sachs, and this saving account would be managed through their Wallet App. 

All these saving account owners will have the ability to have Daily Cash cashback automatically deposited into their savings accounts without having minimum deposits or balances and without paying any additional fee. And you can earn and start earning interest once you start receiving cash.   

You will have 2-3% cash on purchases you make with Apple Pay App and 1% on your physical card. 

Other features would roll out in 2023

These are some other features Apple expects to roll out this year. 

Web Push Notification

Safari browser

Apple announced a new feature for web push notifications in 2023. According to the announcement, iOS 16, iPad 16, and later users will have opt-in support for web push notifications. Yes, now you can receive notifications from websites through the Safari browser.   

Next Generation CarPlay

Next Generation Car Play

Apple reviewed its latest update for CrPlay at Apple’s developer conference last year. This next-generation CarPlay feature will support functions like FM radio, cluster, climate controls, and multiple displays with more widgets.  

Apple plans to reveal the first next-generation CarPlay experience with automakers like Ford, Audi, Land Rover, Jaguar, Porsche, Volvo, Mercedez- Benz and others. You will get additional updates and information about their latest next-generation CarPlay.


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