About Us

Last updated: 2023-11-07

Backtodfault.com began its journey in 2021. It started as an educational/troubleshooting website for Samsung Galaxy S22 users and is now broadening its horizons into other Samsung Galaxy smartphones as well. 

The Backtodefault.com team is located at 684, Geraldine Causeway, Michigan. Its committed team has sworn to deliver solutions for issues you might find bothersome and time-consuming on your Samsung Galaxy smartphones, helping you to deal with confusing technological updates.  

Regarding the website’s credibility, it is one of the internet’s trusted sources for Samsung users. Its passionate and professional writers value accurate information and are always the first when it comes to testing (by the team) and reliable solutions.

Backtodefault provides how-to-fix guides that will help you find quick solutions for your current problems on your Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

The great minds behind Backtodefault.com are not only wise writers. They are also developers, multifaceted specialists, and innovative researchers with over five (5) years of experience when it comes to developing/bug-fixing applications for Windows software, iOS, and Android. 

The entire brains behind Backtodefault.com cannot contain their genuine joy as they are extremely glad to announce that they are gaining users’ trust day by day. 

Our Staff 

Danuka Prasasd

Danu -author and founder of backtodefault

The founder of Backtodefault.com and the tech nerd of the team. He specializes in Android development and web development.

Andrew William

Andrew william

Content writer and also the web developer of Backtodefault.com. He writes troubleshooting guides with Danuka Prasad and he is the big brain behind the technical aspects of this website. 

Charlene Latap

Charlene - content writer and research specialist

Charlene is a certified language professional and content creator. She is responsible for editing the articles published at Backtodefault.com and making sure Danuka’s and Andrew’s guides/articles are easy to read and understand.